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Sparks Fly

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Sparks Fly
Author: Heatherkinz
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: PG will be becoming NC-17 as the story develops
Verse: Musical and Book
Pairing: Gelphie
Notes: This is my third installment. I am developing this into a full on Elphaba and Glinda story that takes their relationship right through what we already know and further, obviosuly with a Gelphie slant on things.
Summary: Galinda is starting to come into her own at Shiz, living the lifestyle she has dreamt of. She has the boys falling at her feet and shows her cruel side when she humiliates Elphaba in front of the other students at Shiz. Elphaba has done so much to protect Galinda that she is shocked to the very core by Galinda's betrayal. Still she decides to protect Galinda once more which Galinda finds difficult to accept. She is wracked with guilt and is forced to confess the strange feelings that come over her when she looks at Elphaba.

A Cruel Start.

Elphaba hurried down the corridor, hoping to avoid the soul crushing looks and sly comments that were so often thrown in her direction, not that Galinda had worked her magic. Today the atmosphere seemed somewhat lighten than usual though, perhaps they were getting bored with their constant hounding of Elphaba; at least she hoped that was the case. Even though she had volunteered herself for this position it didn’t make it any easier to hear the venomous things people were saying about her. Even her own sister had disowned her, hearing some disturbing rumours and deciding this was unforgivable from the girl who was supposed to be looking out for her.

Elphaba’s eyes drifted from one side of the corridor to the other and there a not so unfamiliar sight met her eyes. Her roommate was draped around yet another Gillikinese boy, who had bravely placed his hands on her arse and was clearly enjoying a quick squeeze while Galinda attempted to swallow him with her tongue. Elphaba had to laugh; this was the third boy she had witnessed Galinda kissing this week, never mind the ones she hadn’t been there to observe. She had to wonder at the wisdom of the boys at Shiz, to be picked up and dropped at the shake of an eyelid. Still they had kissed Galinda the good, would they really be bothered? Elphaba took in more of the scene, observing just how much Galinda had made the life she hoped for at Shiz in a few short weeks.

Galinda was surrounded by the usual crowd, Milla, Shen Shen and Pfannee. These girls seemed to idolise Galinda and were always somewhere in the background. Elphaba had to admit she felt a little bit sorry ever-loyal Boq. He was beside Galinda, staring on at the scene that unfolded in front of him, his cheeks flushed and his mouth open in dismay. He had watched her from day one, Elphaba knew he crushed deeply on Galinda and suspected it would only be a matter of time before Galinda got round to kissing him but she felt a little for him. He was so devoted despite watching her go through the boys of Shiz at an alarming rate.

Galinda stepped away from the kiss and quickly her fingers through her hair, putting back into place the few light curls that had fallen in the throes of passion. Milla whispered into her ear and Galinda let out a squeal of delight as Elphaba went to stand opposite them. A series of hushed whispers followed Elphaba until she took a book out of her bag and began to read, letting the scene around her dissolve.

“Now Miss Galinda. Go on,” Milla whispered into her hear, apparently hardly able to contain her excitement.

Galinda smiled naughtily at the group, “Do you really think I should?” She knew perfectly well already what the answer would be.

“Oh go on. It will be a hoot,” Pfannee added.

“As long as she doesn’t, you know, turn you into something unnatural,” Boq added. It was the first time he had spoken in a long while, allowing his jealously to pass for now because Galinda had stopped kissing the Gillikinese boy for now. Still he wanted to ask him to remove his hand, which Boq noticed was firmly placed on Galinda’s arse.

“Oh Boq, you’re so sweet,” she flashed him a flirtatious smile and then turned back to the other boy.

“Boq would worship you even if you were turned into something unnatural,” Shen Shen piped in delightedly and the other girls laughed uncontrollably. Galinda blushing at the thought as she kissed the Gillikinese boy again.

After what to Elphaba appeared like a ridiculously long time to kiss, the boy moved away and spoke. Elphaba only knew it was a ridiculously long time because their kissing had disturbed the whole corridor when Galinda began to moan loudly, deliberately, desperate to create a fuss in the corridor.

“There you go,” he gave Galinda a piece of paper from his notebook and a green marker pen. “I have to go to class but perhaps I’ll see you later?” He raised his eyebrows in expectation but Galinda immediately dashed his hopes.

“I don’t think so. I’m coming down with a migraine.” She winked at the others who knew full well this meant Galinda had experienced enough with this boy and was ready to move onto pastures new.

The boy turned away slowly, realising he was the latest to fall victim Galinda’s beauty. He knew he wasn’t the first and felt sure he wouldn’t be the last. Still he could boast to his friends that he had kissed Galinda, that was more than some of them could ever dream of.

Boq quickly moved closer to Galinda, in the space that was left. She looked down at him and he gave her a shy wave that made the other girls laugh even more.

Galinda looked down at the pen and paper, “Oh couldn’t someone else write it maybe? You know how I detest writing.” She fluttered her eyelids at Boq who blushed a greater shade of red to the amusement of the group.

“Miss Galinda if you want me to I’ll do it. You know I’d do anything for you.”

“Sssshhhhhh, the other one’s coming,” Milla hissed as Nessa Rose pulled up beside them, attempting to make herself the centre of the group and deliberately turning her back to Elphaba.

She eyed them up suspiciously, realising almost at once that they were up to something and spoke quietly. “What’s going on here that I feel I should know about?”

“Oh nothing terribly important,” Galinda replied, trying but failing to hide her deceit.

Nessa directed her gaze at Boq. She had taken an instant liking for the small Munchkin boy. He was so very cute and so very polite to her although the way he doted on Galinda was somewhat repulsive to her.

“You know, if you’re planning something, it’s better to let me know.”

“Well Miss Nessa, you…you might not want to hear,” Boq stuttered.

She lowered her tone and moved closer to Boq, “You also know if it’s something to do with my rather awkward sister I could perhaps be of help. I don’t mind you know. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have a sister.” Nessa raised her voice for the last words but Elphaba was oblivious to her, being wrapped up in her ‘History of Oz’ textbook.

Boq looked from Nessa to Galinda and back again.

“Oh very well,” Galinda replied, giving Boq permission to speak of what they had planned.

“We’re playing a trick, that’s all.”

Nessa stroked her chin doubtfully, considering what sort of trick they could possibly have in mind for her older sister. “What kind of trick?”

Elphaba had infuriated her since they arrived together at Shiz. She had promised to keep a low profile and yet the wild stories that came from Galinda’s own mouth had to be heard to be believed. The things Elphaba did to Galinda when they were alone were quite frankly alarming, such spells and enchantments that no other first year could hope to master. Yet apparently Elphaba was magic spelling Galinda no end. It was a wonder Galinda could out on such a brave public face Nessa considered. Elphaba had promised to control her rages, she had promised to make some kind of attempt to fit in yet all she heard was Elphaba this and Elphaba that. She looked over to where he sister stood, engrossed in her book and felt a swell of anger build up inside. Elphaba had done everything possible to ruin this for her and for that Nessa would never forgive her. She had considered writing to their father and explaining to him but she was frightened of what Elphaba could do to her. Luckily she had made her own friends, with the likes of Boq and with slightly more difficulty Galinda’s girls.

Galinda blushed a little, after all Nessa was still Elphaba’s sister but she felt sure her lies had done enough to split the sisters. “Nothing too bad, just a little joke amongst friends.” She curled one lock of her golden hair around her finger and managed to pull off a look of total innocence.

Galinda felt a rush of hot breath on her ear as Boq whispered into her ear, “Maybe she could do it?” He nodded his head towards Nessa and Galinda smiled knowingly. It was perfect and it meant she didn’t have to get close to the green girl, shivering as she remembered the first and only time Elphaba had ever touched her.

Ten minutes later, the students found themselves crowing into Dr Dillamond’s classroom for more on the history of Oz. Galinda and her crowd made no attempt to stifle their giggles as they wandered past Elphaba at a safe distance. Nessa rolled her wheelchair behind her desk on the front row and smiled slyly at Boq who acknowledged her before allowing his eyes to drift back to Galinda. She then attempted to ignore the familiar voice that came from behind her, not wanting to give Elphaba any more of her time.

“Nessa. It’s good to see you. We’ve had so little chance, what with all this new stuff to get to grips with.”

Nessa involuntarily spun around to look Elphaba in the face. “You mean scaring the living daylights out of poor Miss Galinda. I mean of all the people Elphaba, did you really have to pick her?”

A group of boys sat down behind Elphaba and began to chatter and to laugh amongst themselves, sending Galinda a huge thumbs up which she gracefully accepted and giggled, shifting her skirt accordingly to show just the right amount of leg.

“It’s not what you think Nessa.”

“Oh, it’s exactly what I think, it always is with you. You just can’t stand anyone else to be happy when you are so clearly not. You promised me Elphaba, you promised me one simple thing and you couldn’t even do that.”

“Nessa I can explain. Meet me later, I’ll come to your room and we can talk in private. There are some things that I need to talk to you about.”

“There’s nothing you can say to interest me now. Miss Galinda told me herself what you’ve been doing to her.”

“But Nessa…”

“Hexing Elphaba, after everything father said, after all the trouble at home, you still can’t help yourself can you? And that has my mind set. As far as I’m concerned you’ve made your decision to ostracise yourself from everyone here, including your own sister, I won’t stand in your way. You’ve made you bed now lie in it.”


“That’s all I have to say on the subject.” Nessa turned around and her body language made it very clear that she didn’t intend to speak to Elphaba again that day.

Elphaba sighed and opened up her textbook. This really was impossible. Galinda was flourishing in her role but Elphaba hadn’t really considered the implications to her own life. She had wanted to explain to Nessa before now but simply hadn’t found the right occasion. Anyway she wasn’t sure Nessa would understand, how could she explain that she had risked her own reputation and that of her own sister for a girl she hardly knew and certainly didn’t like? It wouldn’t make sense, Elphaba had it clear in her own mind but she felt sure Nessa wouldn’t understand.

Elphaba focused on the words in the textbook and tried not to pay attention to the other students in class who seemed to be pointing and laughing at her. Just at the moment Elphaba was considering asking what the problem seemed to be, Dr Dillamond walked in and slowly the chatter began to subside. At least for a few minutes.

As Dr Dillamond began his lecture Elphaba noticed the giggles and whispers beginning to get louder once more. The longer Dr Dillamond spoke the more difficulty some of the students had keeping themselves together. Elphaba looked suspiciously at Galinda and Pfannee who were hiding their faces behind their textbooks, then she eyed Dr Dillamond suspecting they had played a trick on their only Animal professor. Still there was nothing she could pick up on.

It was clear the rest of the class were not interested in the history of Oz, but she was and Dr Dillamond was doing his best under the circumstances. Elphaba had to wonder at the lack of respect some of the others had for their professor. She gazed at Galinda again who was now sat playing with her hair and slyly reading the notes Boq had passed her. Elphaba made brief eye contact with Pfannee who flushed and quickly and looked down at her book. She looked back at Galinda who was touching her heart in response to Boq’s apparent love letter. Did nobody care about the history of Oz? Did nobody care that Dr Dillamond was trying to teach? Had the whole of Shiz gone quite mad?

Elphaba forced her eyes back onto Dr Dillamond who had asked a question which nobody was responding too. Elphaba had only half heard but felt she had to offer a contribution to save his lesson from falling flat. She raised her hand to speak.

“Miss Elphaba dear, how delightful that someone has something to say on the road restrictions in Oz.” He looked around at his other students hoping they would also have something to offer but he received no response. He couldn’t help but notice that his students were disengaged today, something had them distracted, all it seemed but Miss Elphaba. Usually they were a little sidetracked if there was a ball or party coming up, he knew that from previous years but he couldn’t think of any such event coming up. Yet something had them preoccupied from his lesson. “Well why don’t you stand up and tell everyone your thoughts, I’m sure as always they will be enlightening Miss Elphaba.”

Elphaba blushed under the compliment and slowly got to her feet, suddenly aware of the attention focused on her. Galinda simply couldn’t contain herself anymore as Elphaba stood up. She let out a huge squeal of delight that set many of the others off. Boq began to snigger into his textbook; Pfannee and Milla covered their faces with their hands and the boys behind Elphaba began to laugh uncontrollably. Elphaba eyed them all suspiciously, feeling more self-conscious than usual, she looked to Nessa who was weakly trying to suppress her own glee, this had worked better than she could have ever imagined.

“Why Miss Elphaba, I don’t know what has gotten into everyone this afternoon. Perhaps Master Boq could explain?” he looked at Boq expectantly.

Boq wiped a tear from his eye and attempted to hide his face but he caught Galinda’s eye and exploded into fits of giggles along with the rest of the class. He knew he could hold it together no longer and he spoke between sobs, “I think perhaps Miss Elphaba should look behind her.”

Once again the room erupted. Elphaba spun on her heels, allowing her long, black cloak to sweep around her much to Galinda’s delight. Her action was met with more squeals and giggles and Elphaba looked in bewilderment at her class mates, pleading for an answer.

“Maybe you should look a bit closer to home,” Nessa added helpfully.

Like a shock through her entire body the truth dawned on Elphaba all too late as she reached over her shoulder and pulled the sign away from her cloak. Galinda allowed her head to fall on the desk, this had worked better than she imagined, her trick had entertained and amused everyone and Elphaba’s naivety had made it simply delightful to watch. Elphaba took the note, recognising the handwriting at once and read the words slowly. 'The Green Mean Machine.'

Elphaba stared at the note in total silence, the sound of laughter being blocked out by her own heart beating faster. Galinda watched Elphaba carefully wondering what her response would be, but nothing happened. Well nothing that she had expected anyway.

A look of pain and sheer distress crept across Elphaba’s face, enough to make Galinda swallow her laughter down quickly. She signalled to the rest of the group to stop laughing and not wanting to upset their glorious leader they obeyed, beginning to fiddle with their pens or pretending to focus on their notes or textbooks.

“Who is responsible for this?” Dr Dillamond enquired sharply, clearly disgusted by the behaviour of his class.

Elphaba looked down at the writing once more. A feeling of shock overtook her entire body. She felt her stomach drop and her fingers begin to tremble. She knew only too well the dainty handwriting of her roommate and she knew the others knew that she knew it was Galinda too. Embarrassment creased Elphaba, how could she say nothing? The way Galinda had treated her since day one had been appalling but this was way beyond that. This was mean and calculated; Galinda had gone out of her way to hurt Elphaba. Elphaba shook her head in disbelief; all she had ever done was go out of her way to help the other girl. In return she had been publicly humiliated and laughed at. It was one thing being feared, but this, on top of everything else was too much to bear. Elphaba wanted to break down, she struggled even to remain on her feet; she was broken. She felt a tear begin to form in the corner of her eye and blinked carefully to control it. She would cry when she was alone, she didn’t need them to see.

“Well someone must know?” Dr Dillamond continued. “Miss Elphaba, do you know? Perhaps you recognise the writing?”

The students waited with baited breath, they knew Galinda’s secret was about to be uncovered and felt for the blonde girl deeply. After all she was only having a bit of fun and she deserved it, having to share with the terrible green girl.

Elphaba looked down at the note and then over towards Galinda. Their eyes met uncomfortably and Elphaba felt her stomach churn again. Galinda’s eyes never left her own, she remained there, staring deeply. Elphaba felt sure Galinda was attempting to send some sort of message but she was past attempting to decipher Galinda’s code. Galinda looked almost as broken as Elphaba felt at that moment, as Elphaba turned to Dr Dillamond and lied, “No.”

Another deep silence filled the classroom as the students looked from one to the other in a state of shock. Milla smiled kindly at Galinda and Boq gave her a weak thumbs up. Galinda simply threw her head down on the table and allowed a tear to escape, unnoticed by all, yet somehow felt, she was sure, by Elphaba.

“Well I will get to the bottom of this somehow Miss Elphaba,” Dr Dillamond promised.

Elphaba looked down at the note in her hand once more. This hadn’t been part of the agreement. Galinda wasn’t supposed to make her feel like this. Galinda wasn’t meant to make her look like a fool in front of the other students, in front of her professors. This wasn’t what she had signed up for. She knew all eyes were firmly transfixed on her, wondering what she would do next. The sad thing was Elphaba couldn’t even find any anger inside her. She just felt somewhat empty and devoid of all feeling. No wonder they thought she was a fool. She was. She had been. She had given up everything to save Galinda’s stupid reputation; Elphaba cursed herself. Why had she done such a thing? Why had she trusted the empty air head? She shut her eyes, hoping this would make the betrayal go away but it didn’t, her head began to swim until she was forced to open her eyes again, finding everyone still staring in her direction, everyone except for Miss Galinda, Elphaba noticed.

Elphaba knew there was only one thing for it; she knew she only had a limited amount of time before she broke down where she stood. She had to resist until she was alone. She picked up her history books, gave an apologetic nod to Dr Dillamond and fled the room without ever looking back. The note that had been so carefully attached by Nessa Rose fell to the floor where Galinda had stooped to catch it.

Galinda held the note; looking from the door that Elphaba had just departed from to her own stupid handwriting. She knew she could still catch her if she wanted to; the trouble was she didn’t think she wanted to. Not now, not in front of her friends. She had her reputation first and foremost to think about. The room descended into silence as all attention turned to Galinda who was acting most out of character.

Dr Dillamond looked disapprovingly around the room and when he least expected it Galinda let out a loud cry, “Miss Elphaba. Wait!”

The rest of the class stared in horror and disbelief. Boq was alert however and quickly got to his feet, taking Galinda by the arm.

“Miss Galinda, why you’ve gone mightily pale. Are you quite yourself? Dr Dillamond I am not sure Miss Galinda is all that well. May I have permission to escort her outside to get some fresh air?”

Boq hadn’t realised quite how good he was at thinking on his feet but he had proved crucial in saving Galinda’s embarrassment.
“It seems to me Miss Galinda might have a guilty conscience Master Boq? I think you had better get her out of the classroom before she has one of her funny turns again.”

Galinda stared in horror at Dr Dillamond, even he knew about her embarrassing entrance to Shiz. Was everyone laughing at her now? Had this joke backfired? Why oh why did she have to call after Elphaba?

Boq proper Galinda up as her face went white as a sheet and he gently began to lead her out of the room.

“Miss Galinda maybe we should get you a drink?”

“Oh Boq, did you see the way she looked at me?”

Boq looked quite taken back by the questions, “The way who looked at you Miss Galinda?”

“Miss Elphaba. Oh Miss Elphaba.”

“Are you quite well? It’s just you seem so faint again. Has this happened before?”

Galinda shook her head stating the negative and spoke quietly into Boq’s ear, “It’s her Boq, she does it to me. Every time she looks at me. I can’t help it. I feel faint, light headed.”

“Are you telling me she’s hexed you again?” A look of concern etched itself across Boq’s face.

“No. No she hasn’t. I’m telling you when she looks at me I feel so…so…absorbed, like I’m about to fall into her, like she’s about to take me over.”

“Miss Galinda, I think you must have had too much sun. I’m taking you back to your room, right now.”

With that Boq began to slowly guide Galinda back to her room where she hoped more than anything else Elphaba would not be. She couldn’t face her right now. The green woman terrified her, yet didn’t she have to see her? Didn’t she have to apologise. Her head was swimming, at that very moment she wished she had never set eyes on Elphaba, the source of all her worries.
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On December 19th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC), mrssydneycarton commented:
This is a nice fic! You do a really good job of expressing all the characters' emotions with your descriptions. I like the last part most, when Galinda talks about how she's terrified of Elphaba and yet drawn to her--that's just how it would feel, I think, in her situation. Good work!
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