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fellow Ozians...

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so, introductions... umm, let's see. i'm a writer, and i love Wicked... guess that's pretty lame, eh?

maybe i should start by stating i'm a complete LJ-illiterate, but i wanted another place where i could post my stuff, and it seemed like the next best option after fanfiction.net. some of you might know me from there, i'm writing under WickedxWitch. all of my Wicked fics are musical-based, mostly Fiyero/Elphaba or character-centered. lately i started writing from Fiyero's POV which is mucho fun.

one thing you should know is that i love reviews, whether they're pointless ego-boosting or constructive criticism. i'm always happy with them so don't forget to drop me a word if you liked my stuff.

i'll be back with some real posts at some point tomorrow...

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