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Intro and an idea

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Well I suppose I should introduce myself.  My handle's dhampyx2, I like to write fanfics and I've had a couple of ideas what would incorporate Elphie, Glinda, and Fiyero into the Tin-Man storyline from the SciFi miniseries.  It uses booksical elements (Elphie lives, but the book is more accurate for my purposes).  Anyway my usual haunts were pretty much ignored the idea so I thought I'd put it up here and see if either version flies before I start writing them.

Idea 1:

Ok I was a little leery of Sci-Fi's Tin Man miniseries at first, but I have to admit it was more than not bad. The whole DG is Dorothy's many times great granddaughter was a good swerve for what looked originally like a skewed re-telling of the Wizard of Oz in modern times. Granted now I have to assume DG was in a Kansas (or possibly Nebraska according to Wikipedia) 500 years in the future and it was just that sleepy that they looked hundreds of years out of date with their tech. Maybe they were neo-Ahmish or something?

Anyway the scene with Dorothy, and the SILVER slippers was a nice touch. But it got me thinking...

What if Dorothy had a little extra advice for DG beyond giving her the Emerald of the Eclipse? What if there was one more arc to the story? What if she directed her toward the one person that might have the power, in theory, to help stop the evil witch that possessed Azkadelia for the last fifteen years, and redeem something that should have haunted Dorothy's conscience as well?

What if she sent her to find Elphaba?

After all, who better to fight an ancient and evil witch, than the Wicked Witch of the West herself? Although this would borrow heavily from the book, mostly to include characters like Liir into DG's history through Dorothy, it would also include the Musical ending where Elphaba survived through the help of the Scarecrow/Fiyero's rather cunning deception of a trap door and a fake melting to help galvanize Oz and make them forget about the Wicked Witch propaganda.

Ok, the basic premise is that Fiyero was stuck as a Scarecrow, and theoretically immortal, permanently because spells can't be undone. Obviously Elphaba wasn't going to let that stand, so she cast a spell on herself to stay by his side always. At some point in the future post book/musical they revealed themselves to Glinda, and Dorothy who we know returned and became a Queen of the O.Z. according to Tin Man canon.

Why would they reveal themselves you ask? Dorothy ended up marrying Liir, Elphaba and Fiyero's son. That's why Dorothy's descendants all have such strong magic. They're all from Elphaba's direct line of succession.

Alright the basic set up would have to tweak Tin Man canon a little to add a day or two before the eclipse so they could seek out Elphaba and Fiyero who have long, long, long, since retired into seclusion where no modern Ozian dared to tread. Namely Kiamo Ko, the dreaded castle of the scorned Witch of the West. From there they have to convince Elphaba to help them, stop the witch possessing Azkadelia, and save the O.Z.

It's just something very bare bones that stuck in my head. So any thoughts? Suggestions?

And Idea version 2:

Ok, I got to thinking and I guess this needs a little more tweaking to include Elphaba into the mix since I got no responses to the idea. Originally I was going to just add elements of the Wizard originally using the stories of the witch that would later possess Azkadelia as a pattern to follow when he started his propaganda camping against Elphaba. Evil Witch of the Dark to Wicked Witch of the West and all that.

Now I wonder...

What if the Dark Witch was actually Glinda? I read a Wicked fic not too long ago where Glinda snapped right there in the castle tower after Elphaba was killed and decided she would avenge her. Her last actions in the fic were to look at the flying monkeys, think about what Elphaba would do, and then send them off to attack Dorothy and Oz with a cry of "Fly. Fly my pretties."

I have to admit I though that was a pretty good set up and it got me thinking. Glinda took over Oz just as she did in the book, sending the Wizard off with the devastating news Elphaba, who he had conspired to kill, was his daughter. Now I'm thinking the longer she was in power the more corrupted and obsessed with bringing her best friend back she became. She tried spell after spell from the Grimmerie, which all failed, obviously. Mostly because Elphaba faked the whole thing and is living happily somewhere in hiding with Fiyero.

Eventually Glinda tried a spell way beyond anything she should have ever looked at, something so dark even people like Morrible would he horrified. I thinking a dark contract with a demon or something to increase her power so she can finally summon Elphaba back. Since the Flying Monkeys are in the room as well they get caught as well and get turned into the mobats from Tin Man that were fused to Azkadelia.

Now, when Glinda goes through all this and STILL can't summon Elphaba, she REALLY snaps. She never stops to consider it's not her level of power but the type of spell that's the problem. She's trying resurrection spells and necromancy where she should be using simple teleportation. Anyway, in a fit of rage, something all too common for the Former Good Witch of the North, she decides if she can't have her friend back, she can make Elphaba's murderer pay and summons Dorothy back to Oz. She decides to hold a public meeting once she has Dorothy and reveals everything the Wizard did all those years ago, clearing Elphaba's name against her friend's "last wish" right before she announces Dorothy has been charged with murder and will be executed to show all of Oz that she will not let such crimes go unpunished under her rule.

Needless to say when word of this spread it drew Elphaba out of hiding to try to talk Glinda down. There is a major battle between Glinda and Elphie, maybe a couple of them, but Dorothy at least is rescued in the end. Cue a major revelation moment as everyone sees the WWotW SAVE Dorothy and try to reason with their clearly insane empress, thus proving she was never wicked to begin with. In retaliation for Elphaba's 'betrayal' Glinda later curses the munchkins, Elphaba's mother's people remember, to become savages as a way to attack Elphie in retaliation for hiding and for saving Dorothy. Elphaba keeps trying to reason with her, you have a few more fights, until they finally managed to defeat and seal Glinda away.

Many years pass the story is mostly forgotten, minus the munchkin penchant for painting their skin vibrant colors to honor their "Great Queen." (Remember illegitimate daughter or not, the Thropps were still the Govenor's line and if she had not been labeled a criminal Elphaba could have ended up as ruler of Munchkinland after her stepfather had died. If the munchkins are crazy savages it's not too far for them to declare her their Queen even if she isn't there.) Oz is mostly in ruins form Glinda's madness and needs to be rebuilt. Elphaba has NO interest in being the leader of the people that treated her like a freak and/or a monster for most of her life just because she's their hero now, so they turn to Dorothy to become their Queen.  Dorothy actually ends up married ti Liir in a strange twist of fate and takes the throne as the "First Slipper."

And thus you have the start of DG's family line, a more poignant reason for Elphaba to keep herself alive and eventually help DG and company, and a plausible reason for Dorothy's spirit to send DG to FIND Elphaba. You also have a reason why Azkadalia never attacked Kiamo Ko directly, as whatever is left of the old Glinda in there STILL can't go after Elphaba or step foot in the place where she "died' all those centuries ago. And better yet, You can have someone there to make the comments about how history seems to be repeating itself.

"A Tin Man, a Cowardly Lion, a man with no brain, and a farm girl from Kansas. I thought we already finished this story, Yero."

"Look at the bright side, Elphie, nobody has tried to drop a house on you, yet."

"Morrible dropped the house on Nessa. Besides, even if she had it in her back then, Glinda never was that good at aiming her spells."

"I still say she ran out of air in that bubble one time and went brain dead. All that flying can't be good for a body."

"DG, witness your many times great grandfather Fiyero. The only immortal brainless Scarecrow in all of Oz. And still afraid to fly even without bones to break."

"Um just out of curiosity, was anyone in my family ever normal?"

"Fiyero's parents were, for royalty at least. And my little brother had enough sense to leave Oz and never look back.  Does that count?"
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On January 5th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC), nessarosegirl commented:
good idea.
It seems you have this story well thought out, with an intricate background. I think that the 2nd idea might be a bit more interesting, because it would be a fabulous twisting of stories, and the reader would be able to connect the two, relating one to the other. Would you be having any other Wicked characters?
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On February 11th, 2008 10:48 pm (UTC), dhampyrx2 commented:
Well in theory Boq might still be alive somewhere. He would be just a technically immortal as Fiyero. At the very least I see him as being recognized as the founder of the new police force in Central/Emerald city. That's why the police there were known as "Tin Men" officially to begin with.

The only other character I can really see being kept alive here might be Morrible herself. If Glinda had snapped that badly she might have moved Morrible form Southstairs to a natier version of the prison the possessed Azkadelia used to imprison hers and DG's mother.

Honestly I had a third version of this in my head where the Dark Witch actually was Morrible, which would explain why she was found in southern Oz. Southern Oz/Southstairs and all that. But the Glinda version has more potential for drama, and isn't as black and white so I think I'll stick wih that. I can always write the other version later.
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On July 10th, 2008 05:32 am (UTC), blackrosesredxo commented:
Did you ever write this??? I think its really intriguing and I would love to read it
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On March 28th, 2009 10:36 am (UTC), vaguilera_1 commented:
OOOOO! nice setting. this needs to be written! Hey does any one happen to know the title of the fic mentioned here, the one where glinda snapped and became a dark wicked witch? and where i could read it at?
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