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Hi there! I haven't posted in a while, but I have three fics here. I just realized I really liked them, but never shared. Prepared to be lj-cut'ed!

All are Wicked bookverse. Glinda/Elphaba.

"The Argument"

Galinda’s voice rose tentatively over the dull crackling of the fire. “Elphaba, is it possible—that is to say, can one mark intelligence?”

Elphaba stared, “Mark intelligence?”

“It’s just that—I was wondering about the ability to think.” She admitted with a nervous air, “Being stupid or intelligent, I mean. How would one know if someone were intelligent?”

Elphaba frowned, returning to her notes, “Galinda, there is no scientific way to determine intelligence. Surely you know—” As if she suddenly realized the absurdity of the topic, she raised her eyes, “Wait, why are you asking?”

“No reason.” Galinda answered a little too quickly, brushing off her skirt as she stood. “Its very fine out tonight, isn’t it? I think I’ll take a walk.”

Confused, Elphaba watched the girl for a solid minute before understanding hit. There was little concrete evidence, but she all too quickly recognized the signs. Someone had insulted Galinda. She couldn’t comprehend who would say such a thing, but as she sat there awkwardly she realized she had a decision to make. Ignore Galinda’s attempts to talk or acknowledge them. Elphaba inwardly struggled. They barely spoke on superficial levels as it was. There was little guarantee her questioning the blonde would turn out to be a success, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but be curious.

Bracing herself, Elphaba decided.

“Galinda, did someone say something to you?”

No response.

Her discomfort increased, “You don’t think you’re stupid do you?”

Galinda’s shoulders tensed visibly.

Elphaba sighed, “Vain, emotional, girly—“ Galinda snorted while Elphaba continued to gauge the girl’s reactions. “but stupid? No. However, one might wonder why it is you cater to the part so often. Galinda, you’re observant once you get going—“

“But you think I’m stupid.”

Elphaba frowned, feeling vaguely irritated. “Didn’t you just hear me?”

Galinda swiftly turned, her eyes wet and angry. “Oh, I believe I understand you perfectly!”

The silence that followed was as awkward as it was sudden. A wave of embarrassment flooded Galinda’s stricken features as she moved self-consciously away to continue buttoning her coat rapidly with little success. Elphaba, wide-eyed and unsure of how to proceed with her distressed roommate, averted her eyes quickly down to the bedspread. The only person in the past she’d ever comforted was Nessa, and she’d made a rotten job of it. Why did she decide to try again? Her mind warred. She was admittedly irritated at being ignored when she was being so uncommonly nice. Would it kill Galinda to listen to her? Did she know how difficult it was to talk to her?

Sighing shakily, Elphaba slid off the bed with a brittle sort of determination. Galinda’s hair was a tad mussed from behind, which was also out of the ordinary, but then again there was hardly any look Galinda couldn’t pull off. She looked beautiful, even disheveled. Elphaba placed a steady hand on Galinda’s trembling shoulder and waited. No hysterics, no more break-downs. Just silence.

Galinda turned slowly to face Elphaba, eyes steady and clear, if not a little red along the edges. It was a very strange thing to not see the blonde smile. Galinda’s mouth seemed to be opening as if to remark upon something important, but the moment was broken swiftly with a bang at the door.

“Galinda! Are you in there?”

“Pfannee, don’t forget, its Glinda now.”

A laugh, “Galinda or-- whomever you are, come out! We’ve been waiting for ages!”

This seemed to snap Galinda out of her reverie as she fled quickly to one of her many mirrors. Elphaba, feeling awkward at the sudden transition, gathered a book reluctantly from her bed and shuffled to sit beside the fire.

Galinda yelled at the door, “Give me a moment!” Elphaba snorted. She didn’t understand Galinda’s choice in companions. Of all the selfish, cruel people, she had picked the worst. They came up with the most degrading insults, the worst pranks, and of course had the most money in the school so they literally could afford not to give a damn. Although Pfanee and Shenshen were not particularly attractive, they dressed and primped well enough to sparkle with the best of them. For some obscure reason it gave her an immense sense of satisfaction that, even in their prime, neither of those pigs could trump Galinda when it came to natural beauty.

Elphaba, who hadn’t been reading at all, glanced up from her book just in time to see Galinda make her way hurriedly to the door, looking for the world as though she’d just spent the entire afternoon not caring what other people thought of her. It was an amazing transformation, Elphaba admitted to herself with an embarrassing sense of awe. Galinda paused at the door and glanced uncertainly back at Elphaba, obviously unsure as to whether an apology or thanks was in order. But then, seeming to decide that neither was preferable, she swung the door open with a large smile.

“Girls!” she trilled.

“Look at that, Shenshen, she finally remembered we were here!” Came the dry response as the door clicked closed.

Shenshen laughed sharply, “Took her long enough! You’d think she didn’t think at all!”

Elphaba’s eyes widened.

“Now, now, let’s be fair—she does think. About makeup!” The giggling continued.

“Oh girls!” Galinda giggled back, but Elphaba just stared in horror into the fire as the retreating voices eventually disappeared, numb and somehow inexplicably sad.

“Lurline, Galinda.” Elphaba swore quietly as the fire crackled on.

"The Closet"

Their lips crashed together. Hot breath and hands found their way through hair, clothing and groping for any sort of minor relief. Elphaba moaned into Galinda’s upturned mouth, forgetting for a moment that they were only in the broom closet just outside the science labs and that anyone might pass by and hear. Elphaba wondered detachedly how Galinda had become so adept at kissing. She herself was just barely getting the hang of it. She supposed, with an ironic sort of gratitude, that Fiyero was useful after all. Several pecks in a row followed a particularly long kiss, which dribbled down to her neck, much to her excitement. Simultaneously, her breasts were kneaded roughly by the blonde’s small but strong hands through her dress. Elphaba moaned harder.

“Slow down!”

In the darkness there was a pause, a hand frozen against her breast. Elphaba’s heart thrummed loudly in her ears as she attempted to gather what remained of her wits. Then a slow squeeze and she found a moan unwillingly bursting from her lips. Glinda’s voice was sly, “Do you not want me to continue, Elphie?”

“That’s not what I—“ Elphaba inhaled in surprise as Glinda’s hand slid smoothly up her leg, under her dress, and, with a sort of slow wonder, began tracing the slit of her underwear.

“Oh.” Elphaba whimpered, grabbing the girl’s cool shoulders. “Sweet Lurline, Galinda, never listen to me again.”

Glinda’s amusement was muffled by the pleasant onslaught of kisses she received in return. They moved to the opposite wall, Glinda’s back hitting it with a dull thud, causing a broom to fall just between them and a mop right over Elphaba’s head.

There was a pause of confusion. Then Glinda was laughing so loudly Elphaba thought her ear drums might explode.

“The mop!” the girl was nearly screaming, the name ‘mop face’ escaping the cacophony of giggles. Elphaba shushed her frantically through the dry mop. “Galinda, quiet! I think I hear someone coming.”

This sobered the blonde up quickly, seeming to remove any and all distance if possible from Elphaba as the soft footsteps became audible. Elphaba slowly removed the mop from her face, not daring to toss it aside lest she give away their position. Her heart thrummed again, but this time for a different reason all together.

“I wonder where she could’ve gone to.” Mumbled what sounded like Dr. Dillamond from just outside the door.

Elphaba’s eyes widened and she restrained the urge to slap herself. She was supposed to meet Dillamond after class to go over topical reports!

When the steps retreated, Elphaba turned regretfully to a nervous Galinda in the darkness and placed a hand silently on the girls’s shoulder, which was matted with a cold sweat. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who feared discovery.


The silky curls bounced against Elphaba’s long fingers. “Yes?”

“I have to go. Dr. Dillamond was expecting me.”

“Oh.” Disappointment. “I suppose I’ll meet you back at the rooms tonight, then?”


“Ah.” She shifted against the wall with a slightly detached tone. “Well, then, I really should be going, Elphaba.”

Elphaba opened up the door with a small smile for the blonde, making sure to look both ways before firmly smacking Galinda in the behind.

Galinda swooped around like all-living hell and nearly shrieked. Instead, a frustrated dribble of whines ultimately trickled past her lips in the form of “Elphie!”

Elphaba cackled and ran away.


The night was gorgeous. Blue was the color Elphaba saw streaked across the night sky, but the shade was lost in her vocabulary. Dark and vibrant. The smell of cherry blossoms were strong, sweeping her along happily on a cloud of sensory perfection as she leaned a little further out the dorm window to capture the smell of the earth.

How she missed the country sometimes.

While Shiz had a lovely, clean campus, with large brick buildings and fountains to wow any new-comer unaccustomed to city life, after a while they were just ugly in comparison to an endless field of wheat or a hillside of flowers. Of course not the cattle, Elphaba amended mentally with a small smile, but everything else. There was truly no comparison. It was the smells.

Elphaba winced slightly at the numb discomfort in her forearms. She’d been leaning on the window sill for far too long, it would seem. She absently began shaking out her limbs, taking her time to do things slowly. The nighttime was beautiful for many reasons. During the hectic time of day she was forced to rush off in every which direction, to absorb as much information as possible for her education. At times, with the professors, campus and students all rolled into one it often became one large sensory overload. But in the night time, Elphaba exhaled slowly with a small smile, she could revert back to a more comfortable, relaxed pace that’d been so customary back at home.

The night was her time to be herself.

Thanks for reading! Reviews are always fabulous and constructive criticism always appreciated!

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On February 5th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC), dpcjsi commented:
I enjoyed them quite a lot!
Especially the first, I think, though they were all very wonderful.
On February 6th, 2008 12:28 am (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
Thank you! I appreciate it!

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