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hi and fic

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Hi there! I'm Alicia and I used ot be a member of Wicked-Fanfic but for some reason its been suspended...meh. So I've moved to here...admittedly I've been through a dry patch of writing but hey....I have insparation now. I saw the musical of Wicked first then got the book.And its been an obsession ever since.

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Title: Bittersweet

Verse: Bookverse drabble

Pairings: Fiyeraba

Rating: R (Angst, character death and mild sex)



The bitter sweet essence of ground cloves and incense drifted in soft clouds over Elphaba’s head, purifying, cleansing, healing… but even faith could not whiten her skin…whiten her sins and there were many. Outside she was green…but inside she felt black, black as the robes she swathed herself in.



The bile tasted bittersweet in her mouth scorching her throat as her eyes were burned by tears held in her eyes as she surveyed the dark blood that spilled over the floor, spattered the walls, darker than the skin from whence it came…Fiyero’s skin…blue diamonds covered by red rubies. When she had moved him where no-one would find him…she looked at her hands…his blood on her hands.



He had tasted bittersweet when they had that first trembling, lust coated kiss. The sweetness of peppermint that always seemed to linger round him and the tang of the cider she had given him…it was all she had. She gave everything to him. Now she had nothing. Not even him.



It was bittersweet when they made love. Sweet was the kisses he dropped on her skin, the way he whispered her name, how tender his touch was. When they had finished the bitterness would creep back in and she would rub oil on her skin, try to and wash it away. She couldn’t. She couldn’t wash his touch away, she couldn’t wash her love for him away, she couldn’t wash his wife away, she couldn’t wash his children away….she couldn’t wash her sin away.



Tears streaked her green skin…green as sin. Sin in her heart, in her soul. They tracked down her cheekbones, over the sharp ride of her nose, streaking her face with red lines...like the blood from her Fiyero, her Yero, her Hero. They reached her lips. They tasted bittersweet.

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On June 2nd, 2010 09:17 pm (UTC), elphie21 commented:
haha, stumbled across this whilst looking for wicked stuff, and was mildly concerned when i had the sudden thought, 'OMG, i think she's me!'...yeah :)
we have the same name...how do you pronounce yours? also we both like wicked :)
yeah...i think that's about it...never met anyone on here with my name though, spelt 'right' too :D
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