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Welcome to WickFic!
Either intentionally or luckily, you've stumbled upon WickFic--the newest community for readers and writers of fanfiction based on Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked and the musical that takes after it. Once you join, you're free to post your fanfic and read whatever stories members post. Want to join? Just click on the link at the top of the page, or click here.

We have only a few
Basic Guidelines:

Introduce yourself, if you'd like: It's not required, but it'd be nice to make a quick introductory post in the community after you join, just so we can get to know one another.
What to post: Anything that you have written that features characters and/or situations from the book or musical version of Wicked (or the novel's sequel, Son of a Witch). The characters in your stories must be fictional--no fics about actors, please. You may post anything you've written for other communities, too. *EDIT* And, since people seem to like doing so, it's also okay to post fanart. 'Cause we're inclusive like that.
How to post it: Once you've written a piece of fanfiction, whether it's 100 words or 10,000, you can post it like this:
--In the entry, copy and paste and fill out this quick form:
Title: [title of your story]
Book/Musical: [indicate which is the one you wrote about]
Characters: [characters that appear in your story. if there is romance between characters, please note here which characters you pair up]
Length: [the number of words in your story]
Rating: [use your best judgment here. we use the same rating system as the Motion Picture Association of America. if you're unsure of how to rate your story, check out this page.]
Summary: [this part's optional...you can post a quick teaser for your story, a few sentences long, or not.]

--Now: The story itself must be behind a cut. If you don't know how to use LJ cuts, refer to this page. It's easy, I promise. The cut tag can be your title, a quote from your fic, or whatever else that's PG.
Another note: This isn't about perfection. It's about sharing our work, getting reviews, and developing fanfic-writing skills. It's a community for both experts and amateurs. Good spelling and grammar is always appreciated, but you won't get kicked out for typos.
And, above all, PLAY NICE. We're all here to have fun, so be courteous. You're welcome to review members' fics--in fact, you're encouraged to. But use constructive criticism: Comments I deem unnecessarily nasty will be deleted and the offending user will be warned, then kicked out if he/she does it again. If you receive a comment like that and I don't notice it, email me at the address below.

General Info:

The community moderator is Leigh, aka a_wee_bit_tipsy. If you have questions/concerns/suggestions, email wickfic@gmail.com. (If I get lazy and forget to check it and don't respond soon, send another email to greenified.girl@gmail.com.)
To keep things interesting, I may occasionally host fic-writing contests/challenges. When we get there, I'll lay out the rules.
All character pairings are accepted here, slash included. If you have a problem with that, look at the fic's rating and characters list closely before you read.


Want to affiliate?
We welcome affiliations with other fanfiction communities on LiveJournal. We'll also affiliate with basically any Wicked-related communities, whether they're discussion forums or fan art communities or otherwise. If you're interested, please email me!

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No one in this community owns Wicked or Son of a Witch or any characters featured in either--
they all belong to Gregory Maguire.
However, any original characters/ideas presented here belong to the writer who creates them. Don't steal.

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